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What Is The Procedure Of The Commercial Carpet Cleaning

There is not one commercial carpet cleaning present in the market but there are many and each of them offer different kind of the cleaning methods and the procedures. It is important that you learn about all of these methods before you could decide that which one of the commercial carpet cleaning services you need to hire either for your home or for your office. First you must know about the types of the cleaning method and then you must know about the procedures so that you know in advance what they are doing and so that you could supervise them. Go here for more information about asbestos removal company. 

Types of the commercial carpet cleaning:

Hot water cleaning:

This method is also known as the steam cleaning because in this method the very hot water is put in the carpet with the pressure and this is how the hot water melts all the dirt and dust of the water and sanitize it. The cleaning agent is also used in this procedure to keep the carpet fresh and smell good. Usually when the cleaning agent is added then the carpet cleaning services Nelson team brush the carpet and removes any stubborn stains on the surface of the carpet. When this is done, then the carpet is left to dry. In this method the carpet is cleaned around in 2 hours and then it is dried in almost around 4 hours. 

The shampooing procedure:

As the name represents, the shampoo which means that more foam is used to clean the carpet. Although this kind of the carpet cleaning is not used any more and was only used for the cleaning of the heavy carpets but this was famous in the past but was discontinued due to the many disadvantages of this technique. This left many residues in the carpet and the excess foam could not be properly rinsed from the carpet.


This is very unique style of the cleaning and does not use much of the water. In this method the synthetic detergent is used which when dries out change its form in to the crystalline. This detergent covers the dust and dirt particles inside it and when this is dried, the dust and the dirt is dried with it as well. after this, the vacuum and brush are used to extract the detergent along with the dirt and dust is also extracted.

What is the procedure:

Although the above-mentioned types of the cleaning have their own procedure and each procedure is different from the other. There are many other types of the cleaning as well which are also different and it completely depends on the type of the cleaning method that which procedure will be followed.