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The Importance Of Growing Your Own Food

The food we eat today is filled with chemicals, preservatives and various other substances that are terribly bad for our bodies. In fact, the meat that people eat is filled with antibiotics that are so bad for our bodies that our bodies develop a resistance to the effects of antibiotics as we are taking them in for so long and when we have a serious illness that requires the use of antibiotics, these anti biotics may no longer work on our bodies. Many young people today have started switching to a plant based diet because of the illnesses and disease that that is taking over our world as a result of our meat and dairy filled diets that have a majority of processed food that has no nutrition in it whatsoever. Switching to a plant based diet is of course a major solution to the problem but it certainly is not a complete solution because traditional farming uses various chemicals and pesticides in our vegetables and fruits as well.

Organic fruits and vegetables

The only way for us to avoid these things is to consume only organically grown plant based produce but the price of organic food is extremely high and most people cannot afford it. On the one hand, it is said that organic food is extremely difficult to grow thus the price of it but on the other hand, producers are well aware that there is a very small market that eats completely organic and that this market will continue to buy the product irrespective of the price because they are educated on the subject of pesticides and chemicals in our food. You can alternatively choose to grow your own food at home. You can do this by contacting gardening services to come in and clear your garden and create area where you can grow food for yourself.

If you have paving in your garden, you may need to remove some of it in order to grow your food but it will be well worth it because you will not only be saving money on food but you will also be saving money on future medical bills by eating organic or at least a majority of organic food.

It is beneficial for you to study the benefits of organic eating and also to create an awareness among friends and family because you could be saving lives in the process. When you start your little organic garden, you can share the food and the crops you get from it with your friends and family.