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Security Screen Doors Benefits And What To Look For?

Without any doubt, the first line of defense is to your home, is your entrance door. And for many home properties, the door is the weakest link. Majority of homeowners do not pay attention to securing their entrance doors. When you install a security screen door, you are keeping thieves away from breaking into your home. Many people only look at security screens for adding extra layer of security to your home, however, Kreler Australia would suggest you to think beyond security while that core function is already being taken care of.

What More Do You Get When You Install a Security Screen Door?

1. An Extra Layer of Security

Well, for starters, let’s cover the basic function why does it even exist. Simply because it provides you with an extra level of security. And yes, without doubt, for that benefit, it is comparatively expensive than your average front door. The price depends on various factors though, like the material you opt for, could be aluminum or steel, or getting your non-removable hinges secured, or getting the frame secured and strong. Getting an aluminium screen doors lets you have an increased peace of mind as you can easily see through and have visibility of who is outside your door. Now doesn’t that definitely keep thieves away? It is also worth knowing that a security mesh can neither be open, nor be cut through.

2. Keep Your Privacy

While ensuring that you get complete visibility of outside your door, it can be designed in a way where you can either increase or decrease your privacy level. The security mesh can be placed in a manner where he prying eyes cannot even see inside, just like a two way mirror.

3. Peace of Mind and Extra Comfort

When you know how well secured your home has now become, I definitely adds more to your peace of mind and increases comfort for everyone at the home. You will even feel secure if you leave your small kids home alone, knowing well that the house now has an extra layer of security, so no one can intrude from outside. The next most important thing that should pop up in your mind is what you should be looking for when you are getting a screen door for yourself. Make sure it has gone through Australian standard tests which can be:

• Knife shear test

• Dynamic impact test

• Anti-jemmy test

• Salt spray test

• Pull test

• probe test Following by a strong fix to the door frame. In order to make sure the intruder doesn’t barge in, make sure it has 3 hinges and the pins do not move. And the most important factor, it should have a three point locking method. Since it is a matter of security, Kreler Australia makes sure that the door is custom fit and made for your home!