Home Improvements

How to Make Your Home Comfortable During Summer?


How about designing an energy efficient home to preserve a better and comfortable environment? Well, an energy efficient home can always help you to maintain a healthy atmosphere and enhance the energy performance. You need to make some small changes in order to retain a comfortable environment inside. Let’s put light on some of them:

Adding solid shutters on the windows

For keeping the rooms cool and comfortable, you need to change the windows blinds and curtains. Make sure you add some solid shutters or plantation shutters to block the scorching sunlight.

Placing dark and thick curtain can also help you to preserve the cool temperature. However, it is necessary to add plantation shutters made of timber and not aluminium. Timber shutters work as insulator and prevents heat to get inside.

Check the insulation system

The insulation system can help you to control the temperature. So, before the summer approaches, you should have the insulations checked by the professionals. If some maintenance or repairmen is required, do it in advance. 

Checking the cooling system

The cooling system or the air conditioning system should be inspected. The ducts of the cooling system should be cleaned and maintained in order to ensure its high efficiency. Also, ensure that the air vents are not blocked by furniture or windows. Timbershades Melbourne provides quality blinds installation for added shade and ventilation services. 

Do a bit of landscaping

Landscaping can help you to keep your home cool. Plant big trees in the lawn, especially on the east side from where the intense sunlight comes. Plants will help the home and its adjoining area to remain comfortable. This is known as natural insulation and helps a lot to beat the summer.

Blocking the vents and cracks

One should know that vents and cracks on the walls leads to wastage of energy (while the cooling system is on). So, it is essential to block those vents or cracks on the wall immediately. Similarly, the cracks on the roof should also be repaired in advance.

Controlled use of electrical fixtures
Traditional lights should be replaced with LED lights to control the wastage of energy and reduce the temperature inside the house. Yellow bulbs or traditional lights emit huge amount of heat and thus imbalances the thermal balance of the house.

Do some remodeling work

Some basic remodeling works can be done permanently to assist the thermal balance. Painting the walls with light shade is essential to prevent temperature rise. Similarly, rendering the exterior will help you to shield the heat to lead inside.

Also, try keeping the cooling system off while you go out. This basically consumes significant energy and perks up your electricity bill. Shut down the TV, computer, AC, etc and do not keep it in sleep mode.