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Four Popular Constituent Materials Of Carports

The main function of the carport is the protection against sun and rain. Yes! Those are the two main functions of a carport no matter the type and constituent materials used. To select a carport at least we should know a little about constituent materials. And of course, material selection cannot be separated from the design of the house itself. The chosen concept for the candidate of your carport must be adapted to the circumstances surrounding environment.

The goal is that the appearance of your home becoming more beautiful instead of being bad and ridiculous. Carport is available in the market with the constituent material which varies along with the discoveries of new materials. But in general, there are at least four kinds of carport materials that are the most popular ones. In this article we will discuss them one by one so that after you read this article, then you can gain enough insight in selecting the most suitable carport.

• Tile This is the classic design of a carport. Tile gives the impression of a classic in your home. Tile design can also protect the room from the heat and rain better. Perhaps the only drawback is in terms of price, of course because of the tile’s prices that are relatively more expensive than other designs. You also can use stratco outback pavilion to give the impression of a classic in your home. Pergolas and canopies have fundamental differences but pergolas are suitable also when juxtaposed with a canopy with tile material.

• Polyethylene

This material is a compound derived from plastic and has a strong plastic character, which is very high viscosity so that it is suitable when used in the construction of the stratco outback sunroof. This material has small pores that cause carport looks transparent so as not to block the sun and make the bottom of the carport looks bright. The downside of this material is vulnerable to seepage of rain water. The advantages of this material lie in its anti-UV features that are very good for health. Surely polyethylene material selection is useless associated with UV radiation that would not harm the car. Usually this material is used in the canopy located in parks, restaurants and various places where people usually relax enjoying the sun in the morning and afternoon.

• Glass Glass could be the chosen material for your beloved carport. The use of glass as a material of canopies can make your home looks modern and luxurious. A disadvantage of this material is that is channeling heat very well. Surely it can heat the room that is protected.

• Polycarbonate This material is one of the expensive materials and was widely used in elite housing. Almost the same as glass, this material is able to pass on most of the sunlight and has the same drawbacks that make the room below being easy to be heated from the sun.