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Advantages Of Starphire Glass Over Regular Glass

If you are looking to install a new glass panel to your bathroom or create a new display tank in your aquarium, you may have come across the term starphire glass.

This relatively new type of glass which has a number of special characteristics can be highly advantageous in certain instances than using regular class. Even though it is much higher in expense, the unique set of benefits it offers makes it worth the extra cash. Here are a few of the pros of choosing starphire glass.

Better visibility The main characteristic of starphire glass is its ultra clear property. This is achieved due to its composition that includes a significantly less amount of iron than that is present in regular glass. This characteristic is used in aquariums when showcasing aquatic animals in large pools. Shower screens reece at https://customglass.com.au/ are recommended by certain architects and interior designers as a means of exhibiting the impressive tile work and fixtures that have been used in the shower area.

Starphire glass allows a much higher amount of light to pass through it in comparison to regular class, which allows the objects inside the glass to be illuminated more. There is no blurry effect that can be seen which increases the level of clarity and high visibility.

No greening effect Ordinary glasses usually look transparent to the naked eye. However, when the thickness of the glass gradually increases the transparency reduces, giving rise to a green tint. This tint is due to the iron oxide impurities that are present in the glass. While this is used as an advantage when producing certain type of bottles and furniture, it is often considered disadvantageous when designing glass aquariums and installing shower screens. For this reason, starphire shower screens and starphire aquarium glass is the preferred choice in these instances. There is no particular colour to these glasses and it gives a clean, clear look wherever it is installed, read more here.

Not very expensiveIt is a common misconception that starphire glass is extremely pricey. The reality is that it is just about fifteen to twenty percent more expensive than ordinary glass. If you are buying this glass in high quantity, this price will be further reduced.

Easier to be transformed into backpainted glass Backpainted or backsplashed glass is used for different architectural and security purposes. In simple terms it means a glass that is painted from one of its sides and left clear from the other side. Since starphire glass does not include a colour of its own, it is much easier to be painted to achieve a specific colour. The lack of iron contaminants in the class avoids the painted colour to be altered in any way.